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Exterior Work

Every project that we receive is from an individual basis. Not everyone is the same when it comes to their needs in construction. there are many factors that will influence how we decorate our home. The exterior of our home is just as inoperant as the interior. Some may want an esthetic look that ties everything together and welcomes people into their space while others might value a boundary for others. As a Contractor, we make it our job to try and meet our clients halfway, we listen to your ideas, we look at your prints and we work with you to come up with desirable results. 

Oakland Security Matal fence and Sliding Gate Construction

Steel Fence Fabricaiton

We all as people want to feel safe in our environment and at times, we have to remove temptation by other to enter into our space, GC was contacted by Client to build a Steel fence, her old wooden fence was no longer giving a sense of security or visibility. 

Oakland, Ca

Fence and Gate Fabrication

GC was contacted by client to build a partition fence in her backyard to divide rental property. Client wanted to maintain the overall look of her property while offering a unique separation line between two households.

San Leandro, Ca

Oakland Partition Fence and Gate
Landscape, Grass Installation and Planter Box Construction

Landscape and Design

Client called to renovate his back yard. For several years client's backyard had been through thought times due to years of severe droughts. Lawn was to the point where simply growing organically was not possible. After sprinkler system and new lawn was installed, client than decided to, have several planter boxes built in to place giving it that final personal touch. 

Castro Valley, Ca

Deck Construction

A good place to decompress in our home is our own back yards. the halesome feeling that we get form taking in the space of our backyards is to some unparalleled. Here our Cient reached out, he wanted to bring life back to his deck. W installed new framework pressure treated lumber for both deck and gazebo and later finished with Trex planks over the deck to give it long life durability.


Plesant hill, Ca 

Lafayette Custom Trex Deck Construction
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