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Hello, my name is Santiago and I am the owner of Pro-Construction and we are in the home remodel and construction industry. For the last two year we have been a five star company within the online community. I personally; have been in the home repair business for as long as I can remember, my background is in plumbing framing and electrical, however I have been providing residential and commercial services for the last 15 years. Over the course of my career I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented and professional individuals.


I am a General Building Contractor and have a Bachelors for San Francisco State University. My passion has always been in area of general construction. There is, I believe a sense of accomplishment one gets form starting and finishing a job, I believe that this is the guiding principal that propels I and the rest of my staff in constructing awesome work and providing grate customer service. I along with the rest of my staff are very knowledgeable and can provide valuable insight.

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