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Emergency Plumbing for a Local Commercial Business


Gas Line and Pipe Sizing 

There is project that we often take on in which a gas line will either be installed, relocated or removed this case our client needed new line installed for service to be functional. All piping was sized according to local and state code.


Oakland, Ca New Construction 


Mixing Valve Replacement 

This is a modern mixing valve with shutoffs available for both hot and cold-water lines. Typically, when going over details for a bathroom remodel, it important to note that at some point the mixing valve will need to be replaced. In this case our client took advantage of the opportunity to take that extra step

Pleasanton, Ca


Drain line Repair 

Connecting with the right professionals to work on your home is crucial when it comes to opening the foundation to resolve water flow and drain issues. In this particular project, our client needed this type of repair. 

Antioch, Ca


Tankless water heater Installation

New and innovating ideas have a way of advancing not just in the technological field but also in plumbing and other trades. Here we have installed a tankless water heater, which can produce hot water on demand while also being energy efficient.

San Leandro, Ca

Oak_ Penniman Tankless Water Heater_edit

New Construction Plumbing and Drain

In every new construction project, there will come a phase where new plumbing will need to be installed. Our provided plan set for this particular project did not come with a specific location. It is left to the plumber to determine where that location will be. 

Oakland, Ca


Water line Re-pipping

Regrettably at some point waterlines that have galvanized pipping will have to be replaced. In this case, replacing galvanized to coper lines was as a major step forward. needless to say, our client was extremely satisfied with the results. 

Pittsburg, Ca

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